Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recessionista Swindle of the Day

Every NYC girl knows what it's like to have one of those days - nothing is going right, you're feeling ugly or got yelled at at work, and you need a little summin-summin to make you feel better NOW. Rather than waste $7 (and 2000 calories) at Cold Stone, or worse yet $45 on some headband at Zara, take a note from Recessiongirl's boss (even bosses have bad days!) and hit up a nearby thrift store. While the foundation thrift stores are often more high end (Arthritis foundation, etc.) the regular ole goodwills and salvation armys - especially in neighborhoods like the Upper East or West Side - behold hidden gems. Roll up your sleeves and burn off some of that bad energy, and you may just discover something fantastic, like these jcrew cords RG's boss picked up for under $5. You'll have something new to take home, and feel fantastic about your find.

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