Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dirt Cheap Brooklyn Eats!

Gastronomy Studies the Relationship Between Culture and Food.....RecessionGirl studies the relationship between Brooklyn and Food.

Two more marvelously cheap and delicious options near downtown Brooklyn:

Joya Restaurant, 215 Court St, Brooklyn. After enjoying a most fantastic Thai dinner for two, RecessionGirl was tickled at a $20.00 bill. In New York? A $20 dinner? Only at Joya, Cobble Hill's neighborhood Thai restaurant. Rumor has it that the noodles are Joya's specialty.

Govinda's Lunch Club at Radha Govinda Hare Krishna Temple, 305 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn. Enjoy a dirt cheap vegetarian lunch in a sattvic ("mode of goodness") environment. Govinda modifies her menu each day but always prepares the best of Indian and continental style cuisine. Call (718) 855-6714 for the daily menu. Lunch served every Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.

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