Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recession Relocation

When it's time to move, get to moving.

While you may be wary of moving during these shaky economic times, now might be the right the time to snag a deal on an apartment in a neighborhood you didn't think you could afford.

The current recession is greatly affecting the NYC rental market. Many landlords are waiving or paying broker's fees and are even lowering rents to fill their apartments. One recession girl just signed a lease on an apartment in the East Village where the landlord paid the bulk of the broker's fee, and agreed to charge $250 less a month in rent than he was charging the current tenant.

If you are thinking about moving, check out this article: "Finding an Apartment in Manhattan During This Recession Has Never Been Easier" at http://www.prlog.org/10213982-finding-an-apartment-in-manhattan-during-this-recession-has-never-been-easier.html. It gives advice on finding a no-fee apartment rental and money-saving tips for apartment searching.

Once you find your new "steal" of an apartment (quotations added because it is still NYC, people), the fun stuff begins.

As RG introduced last week, the Brooklyn Flea has arrived! It has a plethora of fabulous goods for sale ranging from tasty cheese to antique furniture.

On opening day, RG fell in love with a pair of antique chairs that would be just perfect in her new apartment.

And thanks to her recession-minded best friend, we decided to forego the added expense of delivery, and carry them ourselves to her apartment. While we may have needed to rest on the chairs every couple of blocks or so, we saved the money of a cab or a delivery van and got a great workout!

And everyone passing us on the street assured us that they were worth the effort.

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