Thursday, April 9, 2009

The lunchbox is the new clutch

Recession girls need healthy, energy producing snacks to keep up with all the swindles and low rollin' fun available in NYC. One way to get your superfoods and save a little is to make your own trail mix. Instead of paying 6-7 bucks for a bag made with mostly peanuts and imitation m&m's you can buy all the ingredients separately and mix them yourself!
Here's the latest version I have experimented with:

1 20oz canister of mixed nuts (CVS sells a brand that has ZERO peanuts!)
1 bag of organic golden raisins from Trader Joe's
1 bag of organic (brown) raisins from Trader Joe's
1 bag of walnut halves and pieces (also from TJ's)
1 bag of dark chocolate m&m's (gotta get the antioxidants!)

Mix well with a large spoon in a big bowl. There should be enough gorp to fill at least 3 empty nut canisters, so it will last you for weeks...unless you share! Other variations have dark chocolate peanut m&m's, extra almonds, dried cherries or craisins, and even candied ginger.

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