Friday, April 3, 2009

Low Roller Fun


FOUND: Your perfect night out
Free Wine, Art, and a Photo Booth!
When: Friday, April 3rd
Time: Free drinks 9-11pm, fee waived on club entrance after 11
Where:530 W 28th St (b/w 10th and 11th Ave)

Cost: FREE
MUST rsvp to:



Opens TONIGHT between 6 and 9 at the Thierry Goldberg Projects, in the Lower East Side at 5 Rivington Street. Runs from April 3 to May 3

RecessionGirl is thrilled to see Swetlana Heger's latest performance-based exhibition called Lipstick Economy. As an affordable indulgence for morale-sake, lipstick sales have been noted to increase in trying economic times, indicating that just a little goes a very long way to altering one's look....and ability to weather difficult times. Referencing Leonard Lauder's loose theory in consumer confidence called his "lipstick index," "Heger explores the aesthetics (cosmetic and experiential) of art and self." On the heels, pumps, and sensible flats of the spiraling economy, Heger sets the Thierry Goldberg Gallery alive with her multi-layered dialogue on the economy, gender, and consumerism.....all marked by lipstick traces.

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