Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recession Gardens

According to CNN, many Americans are turning to gardens as a way to reduce food bills amid recession. Mike Metallo, spokesman for the National Gardening Association, claims that
a $70 investment in a garden will yield $600 in produce for the year.

And now that Spring is here everyone, including the Obamas, is planting a garden.

(Check out the Huffington Post to see which vegetables are "worth a fist bump":

However, if you are like RG and live in a NYC apartment, planting a garden in your backyard is not really an option. But many of us have access to rooftops where we can plant (vist: to learn how).

Other Recessionistas choose to participate in a community garden, where many people can grow enough veggies to sustain them throughout the summer. To find your nearest community garden accepting members, visit:

If you would like to buck the system and create a fire escape garden (which are technically illegal, and may incur a fine in some neighborhoods), visit:

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