Sunday, March 1, 2009

Recessionista Swindle of the Day

We've all seen how the recession has impacted airlines. There was the time you almost starved to death on a six hour cross country flight because the flight attendent insisted that no they did not even have that bag of peanuts you knew they were hiding back there somwehere. Or the time you shamelessly flirted with the older (ahem) gentleman at the airport bar in hopes of not having to foot the bill for the $15 cocktail you ordered to calm yourself while waiting for the next available flight - after you got bumped from yours due to "overbooking." And then there's the checked bag fee. I have to pay $25 to wait forever at baggage claim, because I can't squeeze my rolly into that tiny tiny box? A way around this fee has been discovered thanks to Recession Girl's habit of accidently packing things like large bottles of hair gel, knives (from the picnic in the park last weekend!), and other no-nos into her carry-on. Even if your bag is too big to ever be allowed to be carried on to the plane, keep it with you until the security check. Then, when they discover that juice bottle in your bag that you absolutely refuse to have thrown out, you can begrudgingly allow to have them check it for you - at no fee.

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