Monday, March 30, 2009

Low Roller Fun - Every Tuesday

Again, if we can't laugh about it...and isn't everything funnier after a $1 BEERS? (yup, DOLLAR beers!)
Are you hankering for a good ol’ scandalous time? Sick of the recession? Wanna hear some real meat and bones comedy? Psycomic genius Todd Montesi is back presenting cheap booze and comedy for the masses! The UG's Comedy Show features both established and newbie comics in a chill lounge. Check out this week's lineup at that features dollar beers - yes, DOLLAR BEERS!!! - before the show from 7-8 pm!!
Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Underground Lounge (613 2nd Ave. bet. 33rd and 34th st.)
Cost: Free
This week's lineup includes: Dan The Song Parody Man! (Howard Stern), Joe Dixon! (Atheist who doesn't believe in Al Sharpton), Mike Amato! (Carolines, Andy Kaufman Award Finalist), Mo Diggs! (Comix! regular, Comedy Central), Jeff Ragsdale! (Insane in da Membrane), Altai Kalachinow! (Hot young asian sensation nohomo), Brendan Fitzgibbons! (Road Rules: Iowa), Taiger! (MFN'BET), Erik Braunstein! (Jew!), Yam Sanders! (she'll be here this week), Todd Montesi! (G.O.A.T)

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  1. Hey it's me Todd Montesi! I just googled myself like a good ol' Narcissist would do and saw this shot out. Thx dude(tte)!!'preciate it. It's an awesome show that's on every tuesday and yep, always dolla beers 7-8PM b4. We got new exciting comedic performers every week, so come every week! Again thx for the big-up Luv ya!