Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The MTA can have its silly fare hike....we'll drink elsewhere!*
*coming soon, RecessionGirl's subway cocktail series

We all have moments, or weeks and months, where getting out to drink our sorrows away is the only logical way forward. Sometimes the subway's just too much to swallow (pun intended), particularly now with Bloomberg's fare hikes. The Village Pourhouse, a most fantastic UWS watering hall, has figured a way to alleviate some of that commuter pain. The stroke of genius is this : Take a cab to the Village Pourhouse, on Amsterdam between 108th and 109th, and the pub will match your cab fare in the form of a bar tab, drink for drink!!


Borrowing from the article above, you have nothing to lose but your sobriety....and the cost of a return cab ride (but by the time closing hour rolls around, is that really going to matter?)

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