Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Low Roller Fun

Tough Times Call for Desperate Measures....and Lots of Comfort Food

Times are tough, just getting tougher (this old world is tough, it's just getting rougher, cover me!!! Anyone else who cannot get enough Springsteen?) Okay okay, back to the more delicious matter at hand. RecessionGirl is tired of hearing every network medical advisor spewing opinions about the dangerous vices that come alive during difficult times (e.g. sex, drugs and rock-n-roll). You know what is decidely not dangerous? Comfort food and lots of it! Which is exactly why RecessionGirl will spend this Sunday at the Great Greenpoint Mac Off.

This Sunday, March 22, fulfill your mac and cheese craving by hopping on the G train for the GREAT GREENPOINT MAC OFF. From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., chefs from Greenpoint hotspots Red Star, The Habitat, The Mark Bar and t.b.d. Brooklyn will serve free samples of their specialty macaroni
and cheese (accompanied by drink specials). At 8 p.m., the mac and cheese crawl will end at t.b.d. Brooklyn where local "celebrity" judges and customer votes will determine who makes Greenpoint's best mac and cheese.

Red Star
37 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn (at West Street), 718-349-0149

The Habitat
988 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn (at Huron Street), 718-383-5815

The Mark Bar
1025 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn (b/n Green Street and Freeman Street), 718-349-2340

t.b.d. Brooklyn
244 Franklin Street, Brooklyn (b/n Freeman Street and Eagle Street), 718-349-6727

RecessionGirl is now accepting submissions of Macaroni and Cheese recipes for its very own (and very informal) Mac Off! Winning recipe will be posted inside RecessionGirl's "Lunchbox is the New Clutch." I know I know, you lucky you! Looking forward to your submissions.

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  1. Genius! I love it! Thanks Recessiongirl!