Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cheap Yoga

Recession Girl just stumbled upon a new yoga studio, The Fierce Club, which claims that it "ain't your momma's yoga studio, unless your mom is fierce."

Instead of teaching classes to traditional "yoga sounds," these instructors teach to the "killer music" we'd hear on our ipods. It claims to be a more contemporary studio that doesn't tell you what to eat or drink (except to suggest Cafe Habana down the street), but promises a great workout in one hour.

They encourage you to stop by and "participate in your life... caught on fire."

$5 classes until March 8, 2009, plus they have a coupon one their website for one free class. (Note the badass high heels the instructors are wearing in all of their photos).

Hope to see my fellow recessionistas there this weekend!

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