Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recessionista Swindle of the Day

During my twice-monthly clearance-rack leggings haul, a Ryan Seacrest-channeling GAP salesman let me in on a few little secrets ...
1. Keep you receipt. At most stores, if the item you bought goes on sale within the following 14 days after purchase, you may simply bring in the receipt and be returned the difference. (We love free money!)
2. At the GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy or any of it's other sister stores, there is a trick to discovering whether the item will be reduced. If your item's price (even sale price) ends in a 0 or a 9, (as in $45.50 or $12.99) the item will continue to go down. If an item ends in a 7 (like the fab shirt i got a few months ago that cost $2.97), that is the final price.
3. Green tights really look flattering on no one.

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