Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recessionista Swindle of the Day

Winter is clearly not yet letting us free of it's crushing grip, and if your landlord is anything like Recession Girl's, this tough economy has inspired him to save costs by blasting that heat a whopping 1.5 hours a day. Luckily, the newest fashion trend may just help us survive this not-so-heartwarming season for just $14.95 - and I'm not even talking legwarmers, ladies. Snuggies - the "blanket with sleeves" has become all the rage, inspiring a website documenting it's sightings:

And you can even join a secret snuggie pub crawl in Williamsburg ...

So girls, get cozy, stay warm, and enjoy the opportunity to mingle while not worrying about that ponch from last night's burrito fest. But please, whatever you do, do not let it get this far:
The family that "Snuggies" together, stays .... pretty creepy.

1 comment:

  1. I just bought one this weekend as a gift for a friend! They are Awesome!- I have only been able to find them in royal blue.