Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recessionista Guide to a Swinging Summer 2009: Part III

It's finally up! Recessiongirl's been checking the Bryant Park website since mid Jaunary in anticipation of the 2009 summer movie schedule. BP's summer movie series isn't just a free flick, it's a full-on event, complete with a 50 meter dash onto the green, picnic setups with full bars, and a 60 second synchronized group dance. And how perfect is this in recession times? If you're unemployed, you become the friend most in-demand ... having a mate at the park at 5pm on the dot is neccessary if your group wants a decent spot. Bring blankets, games, and plenty of food and drink - movies don't begin until sundown. Our fave pick of the 2009 season? Harold and Maude, on July 20th.

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