Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Deal!

Today's Groupon: $25 Swedish Massage at GemVie ($62% Off $65 Value)

$25 gets you a $65 Groupon for a Swedish massage at GemVie MediSpa (that’s a 62% savings). Located at 24 East 36th St. in Midtown Manhattan, GemVie is your safe harbor for relaxation and rejuvenation in an increasingly stressful and demanding world. What better way to unwind than with a 30-minute Swedish massage designed to relieve tension and stress? At GemVie, a masseuse will combine long, gliding strokes and hearty kneading to ease soreness, soothe your nerves, and loosen muscles in your entire body. If you already live in a constant state of pure relaxation, today’s Groupon will make a wonderful gift for someone less fortunate than you.

After your rubdown, unwind further in the relaxation room or linger over gourmet coffee or juices on the garden terrace.

Read more: http://groupon.thepoint.com/new-york/

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